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Since 1961, the family Gandour has established its own research center in cosmetology, in West Africa within which it has set up a world of care and aesthetics dedicated to the beauty of the African woman. Hence the birth of the company Parfumerie Gandour New. It develops unique and innovative formulas. Their performance is based on know-how has long been recognized, the use of advanced technologies and an absolute mastery of the aesthetics of the skin. Trade secrets and extraordinary pleasure to use are the infallible mark of the Gandour quality, trusted by generations of women.

Indeed it was initially more specialized in perfumery today are ranges of beauty products skin, hair, food and other ...

With increasing development, it has become a multinational with operations across Africa, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon and Morocco.

In fact, she participated in the creation of many jobs, about one thousand five hundred (1500) people. Creating cosmetics, food and other things, it encourages African people see Senegalese local consumption. With high quality products, Gandour enact African beauty at the top with a value for money unprecedented mission. Considered the leading perfumery in Senegal, the requirement remains intact: Excellence .